B i o g r a p h y

Shaped by sonic sensitivity from a young age, Pittsburgh based composer/performer/artist Devon Osamu Tipp creates unorthodox musical environments from ostensibly incompatible realms. Tipp’s music draws influence from his Japanese and Eastern European roots, his experiences as a jeweler and painter, improvisations with plants, and his studies of gagaku and hogaku in Japan and the US. His work focuses on rhythmic and timbral transmutation of cyclical materials, ranging from the orchestral, to string basses prepared with honey stirrers, to concerti for traditional Japanese instruments. His compositions have been performed in the US, Europe, Australia, China and Japan.


Tipp’s awards include the 2015-16 Listhus Ses Skammdegi AIR Award (Iceland), Rarescale’s 10th Anniversary Composition Competition (student category UK 2013), and first prize in the 2010 Jerome G. Sala Memorial Wind Competition. He has participated in the Sävellyspaja Summer Masterclass (Finland), Imani Woodwinds Chamber Music Festival, soundSCAPE Festival (Italy), Bowdoin International Music Festival, Valencia International Performance Academy (Spain), Atlantic Music Festival, 24 Hour Drone at the Hudson Basilica, and the Oh My Ears! Festival in Phoenix Arizona. He has performed with the Harry Partch Ensemble at Montclair State University, at the Institute for Medieval Japanese Music at Columbia University, and the University of Pittsburgh Gamelan Ensemble.

Ever in search of new sounds, Tipp has collaborated with microtonal specialists Kjell Tore Innervik (quartertone percussion), Daniel Paulsen (quartertone percussion), Veli Kujala (quartertone accordion), Rarescale’s Carla Rees (Kingma System flutes), and Tolgahan Cogulu (microtonal guitar). He has also collaborated with Reigakusha Ensemble’s Hitomi Nakamura, pianist Kate Halsall, clarinetist/composer Gleb Kanasevich, shô player/composer Chatori Shimizu, composer Victoria Cheah, TAK Ensemble, oboist Sabine Kaselow, oboist Alison Lowell, Canada's Thin Edge New Music Collective, the Sudbury Guitar Trio, Finland's MikroEnsemble, the Cochlea Duo, members of Pittsburgh based ensemble Kamraton, Pittsburgh based film maker and multi-media aritist David Bernabo, and members of Avanti! Chamber Orchestra.


As an improvisor, Tipp has collaborated with Paul Miller, David Bernabo, composer Brian Riordan, composer Lu-han Li, composer/trombonist Jason Belcher, composer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Aelmore, and others. Tipp has also collaborated with San Francisco based artist Judy Shintani, Astrophysicist Carles Badenes and Particle Physicist Sergey Frolov. His flute repertoire is published by Tetractys Publishing

He received his Bachelor’s in Music from Montclair State University in bassoon performance and composition. He studies composition with Mathew Rosenblum, and is a former student of Marcos Balter, Eric Moe, Amy Williams, Elizabeth Brown, and Dean Drummond. He is a shakuhachi student of Ralph Samuelson. He is currently a Andrew W. Mellon Predoctoral Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh.

For information regarding Tipp's paintings, please visit https://osamupaints.wordpress.com/