Music for Non-Standard Instruments

Cloning a Mountain - for any number of performers - 7 minutes

          Premiered July 25, 2020  So Percussion Summer Institute

Emotional Topography and the Memory of Skin (open instrumentation) – 9 minutes

           Written for Jason Belcher (trombone), Mark Micchelli (piano), and Tamara Das (spoken word)

           Upcoming Premiere at Bellefield Hall at the University of Pittsburgh, PA

Message for No-One - bass flute and string bass (May 2018) - ca. 5 min

          Written for Naomi Johnson (flute) and Joseph Franklin (upright bass)

          Text based score, with poetry by Naomi Johnson

          Premiered 14 July 2018, by Naomi Johnson (bs flute) and Joseph Franklin (bass)

          Australian Youth Hostel, 63 Bay St, Glebe, NSW 2037, Australia

Horse-drawn Carriages/Mirrors (November 2017) - two instrumentalists and live processing - 40-60 minutes

         Painted score (Acrylic on stretched canvas) for "How Things Are Made"

Kintsugi – 1.8 shakuhachi and clarinet (any key), or two shakuhachi (May 2017) – 30-40 min

        Upcoming Premiere by Emily Cook (Clarinet) and Devon Osamu Tipp (shakuhachi) -  Spring 2018

Fünf Träumen – 13 string koto (April 2017) – 8 min

        Premiered by Katherine Whatley May 2, 2017, Kent Hall, Columbia University, NY

Self Portrait  – 1.8 shakuhachi, piano, prepared viola, prepared violoncello, prepared contrabass (Oct. 2016) – ca. 10 min

        Premiered by Adam Robinson (shakuhachi), Humay Gasimzade (piano), Allyson Clare (viola), Brian Sanders (violoncello), Emilio Guarino (contrabass) Nov. 4,         2016, Scholes Street Studios, Brooklyn NY 


Ozymandias for gagaku sho (tuned A=430) and accordion (Aug. 2016) – 7 min

        Co-commissioned by Zak Hap Seligman, Marika Terao, and Henry Liang

        Premiered by Zak Hap Seligman (sho) and Dr. Robert Young MacMahon (accordion), July 28, 2017, American Accordionists Association Masterclasses at                 Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC

Reasoning with Windmills – eight string microtonal guitar (Feb. 2016) – 4 min

        Written for Tolgahan Çoğulu


Objects Lost and Found – prepared bassoon (Nov. 2015) – 11 min

         Premiered by Devon Osamu Tipp, Sept. 8, 2016, Blank Space #17 – Pittsburgh PA


Sisyphus – quartertone accordion and organ (Sept. 2015) – 9 min

        Written for Veli Kujala and Susanne Kujala

        Upcoming Premiere Fall 2018, Germany


Magetta – Kulttuuri – hichiriki and bassoon (Jan. 2015) – 6 min

        Written for International Double Reed Society Conference 2015, Tokyo, Japan

        Premiered by Hitomi Nakamura (hichikir) and Devon Osamu Tipp (bassoon), Aug. 17, 2015, Olympic Youth Center, Tokyo, Japan


Itkeä – Harmonic Canon I, Chromelodeon I, Piano (Feb. 2014) – 10 min

         Premiered by Liam Sheehy (Harmonic Canon I), Jonathan Evers (Chromelodeon I), Devon Tipp (Piano), March 26, 2014, Harry Partch Institute – Montclair                State University, Montclair, NJ


Pleiades is a Pinball Machine – quartertone marimba and quartertone vibraphone (Dec. 2013) – 12 min

         Written for “Migrant in the New” NYC-NJ-Oslo Tour

         Premiered by Kjell Tore Innervik and Daniel Paulsen, October 3, 2014, Montclair State University, NJ

Chaos Theory – duo for quartertone marimba (September 2012) – 8 min

        Premiered by Daniel Paulsen and Petter Haukaas (marimbas), Nov. 22, 2012,

        Deichmenske hovedbibliotek, Oslo, Norway


Seven Bagatelles/Three Pieces for Quartertone Accordion (August 2012)

        Quartertone Accordion – 15 minutes

        Premiered 23 September 2013, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, Finland

        Veli Kujala (Quartertone Accordion)