Selected Repertoire

This is a list of works I have performed numerous times throughout the past decade, and it includes my current touring repertoire as well as some works that have been recorded but not yet performed live.

* indicates commissioned by Devon Osamu Tipp.

Solo with Electronics


Jason Belcher - Point Breeze

Victoria Cheah - Made to be Seen in the Dark*

Gleb Kanasevich - An Ocean*

Wan Heo - The River Flows through the City

Lu-han Li - The Shadow is what we Hear

Juhani Nuorvala - Ruoikkohuhuilu

Devon Osamu Tipp - Pale Blue Dot

Frances White - Birdwing

Solo with Ensemble

Elizabeth Brown - Cloudrest (shakuhachi, mixed gamelan, and voice)

Devon Osamu Tipp - Self Portrait (shakuhachi, string piano, prepared string trio

Solo without Electronics

Elizabeth Brown - Shakuhachi Solos from Isle Royal

Devon Osamu Tipp - Splintered Ringing


Elizabeth Brown - Acadia (flute and shakuhachi)

Kikuko Massumoto - Tsuki (shakuhachi and sho)

Nicole Mitchell - 

Devon Osamu Tipp - Splintered Ringing (two shakuhachi)

Select Performances/Collaborations