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Siege of Cranes - three 1.8 shakuhachi (November 2018) - 8 minutes

           Upcoming Premiere July 2019, Tokyo Japan

Lead Postcards - contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon (May 2018) ca. 5 minutes

        Written for Carla Rees and Rarescale

         Premiered by Carla Rees (contrabass flute), Sarah Watts (contrabass clarinet), and Ashley Myall (contrabassoon) on June 21, 2018, St. Paddington’s Church,                                   Paddington, UK

Recalling – clarinet in Bb, violoncello, contrabass  (May 2015) – 14 min

        Commissioned by soundSCAPE Festival 2015

        Premiered by Gleb Kanasevich (clarinet), Felix Fan (violoncello), Matt Kline (contrabass), July 13, 2015 - soundSCAPE Festival, Maccagno, Italy

        Featured in “Impermenance”, a film by Ruan Suess, February 2016


Mutations – acoustic guitar trio (May 2014) – 6 min

        Commissioned by soundSCAPE Festival 2014

        Premiered by Sudbury Guitar Trio, July 3, 2014 – Vonderau Museum, Fulda, Germany

Dialogue for Three Bastards – oboe, clarinet in Bb, tenor saxophone  (May 2013) – 6 min

        Commissioned by soundSCAPE Festival 2013

        Premiered by Katherine Woolsley (oboe), Yi-Wen Chen (clarinet), Tim Ruedeman (tenor saxophone), July 12, 2013, soundSCAPE Festival, Maccagno, Italy 


Lithium Daphnae – Heckelphon/bass oboe/lupophone, viola, piano (Sept. 2011, rev. May 2013) – 6 min

        Premiered by Sabine Kaselow (bass oboe), Christoph Stark (viola), Jenns Hoffmann (piano), Oct. 7, 2013, Kammermusiksaal der HMT Rostock, Rostock,                   Germany

        Recorded and released under Ortus Musikverlag label EAN 0700153509749

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